Our home watch report is customized to your home. We have a cost effective Basic Walk-About report report emailed to you, or a Comprehensive 100-Point report with photos that are emailed to you and stored in the cloud for future reference, should you ever have an insurance claim.



Why HomeWatch – The Three primary reasons to use

Prevention: First and foremost we want to catch problems before they become serious repairs, burglary or malicious damage exposure, liability claims, storm damage, pest infestation and system failures.

Insurance: We have found that many insurance companies now require weekly home inspections. Monthly inspections meet the minimum requirements of Citizens Insurance Company. Should you be negligent – your insurance claim may be denied. Every HomeWatch inspection must be documented and archived by a licensed property management company

Peace of Mind: Being gone for months at a time increase our member’s anxiety and concern about the condition of their home. Before Always home, the homeowner had few alternatives, none of which were trained and licensed professionals.

What is HomeWatch?

In a bygone era large estates and second homeowners retained a caretaker to look after their property. Their caretaker was a trusted and loyal employee who had the responsibility of securing and maintaining their estate. Often they had a staff to perform the myriad housekeeping, grounds maintenance and repairs required to prepare the home for the owners’ arrival. Today second homeowners have the same needs but rarely employ a caretaker.

Our home watch service is designed to be our members’ eyes and ears. We walk the grounds and explore the nooks and crannies of their home; identifying problems and examining conditions that will lead to issues in the future. Ben Franklin wasn’t far off when he said; “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” We’re our members’ ounce of prevention. Many of our members tried to address this need in various ways before they found us: next-door neighbors, friends, the pool service guy, and retired police officers. You name it; we have heard the stories. All have resulted in one calamity or another.

How does it work?

Having spent 30 years in the navy I learned early on that to keep a ship of the line shipshape your inspection needs to be well organized, detailed, prioritized and in writing. We conduct every home watch inspection with a 100-point checklist. We annotate the checklist with our observations and highlight remedial action that needs to be taken.

We take pictures of problems; to better help our members understand what we have seen and to document that we really were there! We send this report to them electronically within 24 hours of the inspection and remain available to discuss our observations and recommendations by phone or email.

HomeWatch is extremely flexible. The member may turn it on or off. We have two ways they can notify us of their arrival and departure times:

  • 1. Email your Specialist; or
  • 2. Call your Specialist
  • 3. We offer two inspection frequency options: weekly and every other week. It’s your choice but we strongly recommend weekly to better ensure we can catch and hopefully prevent issues early on.
  • 4. Most insurance policies now require 14-day inspections. However, homes near or on the water may require more frequent inspections.
  • 5. If you wish to perform other services back-to-back with Home Watch we have no objection... that just makes good sense. However, the additional work needs to be performed independently of Home Watch and billed separately.


  • Offered weekly or biweekly only
  • Interior walk-through
  • Exterior walk around
  • Run faucets & flush toilets
  • Pickup solicitation material
  • Text message or email quick report


  • 100+ point inspection report
  • Detailed report with photos
  • Maintenance & repair advice
  • Emailed reports & phone follow up when needed
  • Reports stored in cloud
  • Insurance claim support
  • Personal Home Management Specialist

We strongly encourage members to subscribe to weekly HomeWatch, which will maximize prevention protection.

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