We are there for you to respond to emergencies 24/7/365. We are registered with your security company and law enforcement to make emergency response decisions and to allow emergency personnel access to your residence.

Emergency Response Program

Why emergency response service?

Our members are absent from their homes for long periods. They are unavailable to take emergency calls or respond to local emergencies. They have two alternatives:

  • (i) Turn off the alarm system, as they can’t respond and they don’t wish to incur false alarm charges that can be as high as $400/occurrence [Manatee County].
  • (ii) Ask a neighbor or friend to respond in an emergency assuming the homeowner receives the call and can then reach the neighbor.

We Are Your Keyholder

A key holder is someone trusted to hold both keys and security codes and is authorized to enter a members’ residence to perform HomeWatch services, supervise service personnel and respond to an emergency on their behalf. They can allow fire and law enforcement personnel access to the residence and direct them in the event of an emergency.

Our on-call emergency protocol provides immediate response to burglar, fire, low temperature,

Medical alert and CO2 alarm calls to us from the member’s security company. They will never have to worry about an activated alarm or emergency call again. 8 out of 10 alarms are false, activated by improperly set alarms, pets, pests or your authorized personnel resetting the alarm improperly. The key holder can evaluate the situation and reset the alarm without incurring a “false alarm” charge or an expensive service charge from their security company.

After alarm activation, the key holder may conduct a complete inspection of the home, noting any issues that may need to be addressed. Members will be notified immediately, if corrective action is required. We secure the residence and with the member’s authorization, make necessary repairs as soon as practical. The security of the home and property protection is our primary concern and we take it seriously. We are available 24/7 365 days per year to take emergency calls.

How does the program work?

All calls are directed in accordance with our phone tree:

  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Regional Director
  • Supervisor
  • Specialist

Our COO receives an immediate call from our Answering service and if unable to reach 15 minutes later. After that the phone tree is utilized until an agent answers the response.

We are required to be available by phone 24/7 365 days per year to take emergency calls.

Members with Alarm Service receive their first hour of emergency home service FREE!

Cost of Emergency Response service?

The cost of KeyHolder service is: $180/year... approximately 50¢/day. Monthly billing is available at $20/month with a 3-month notice cancellation penalty.

If an agent is required to do more than respond to the alarm company by telephone, concierge charges will apply and will be billed to the member as soon as practical.
Members with Alarm Service receive their first hour of emergency home service FREE, after which they will be charged in 15 minute increments at the Emergency Concierge Rate.

KeyHolder services may be made available to commercial clients under a different fee schedules. Commercial clients must also be Gold Key members.

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