Are you prepared for a disaster? Before Disaster strikes, you need a detailed record of what you own. Always Home provides professional, confidential and comprehensive digital inventory of your personal property. An inventory is especially important for insurance purposes. Your insurance policy, in the event of a claim, will likely require you to list each item lost, a description and the amount of loss associated with the item.

Let us be your Digital Safety Net

Why A Personal Property inventory?

If your home was destroyed, or a theft occurred, could you compile a complete list of your personal property from memory? Most people couldn’t, but that’s something you’d be asked to do at the time you filed a claim.

We have designed an inexpensive program for our Gold Key members to assist them in listing their personal assets and, if they wish, calculating their approximate replacement value. We know that putting a dollar value on possessions they’ve accumulated over many years is difficult and that only they can decide the extent of their insurance needs. However, if the unthinkable happened, would they have enough coverage for everything? Our mission is to provide those protection services everyone needs but rarely has time to assemble.

Inventories Serve An Important Function

  • As a valuable record of their possessions;
  • As a way to judge the adequacy of their present coverage.

After we complete their inventory, they may find that they have property that requires a professional appraisal to determine the appropriate value. Appraisals are especially useful for expensive or unique items such as furs, jewelry, art and silver. The appraisal can also serve as a record of the description of your property.

Once the appraisal has been completed, they should then determine whether their insurance coverage is adequate. The appraisal is also useful as a means to verify replacement value in the event they need to place a claim. Once completed, the appraisal and Personal Property Inventory should be stored somewhere safe, preferably away from their home. We store this information for our members in the “Cloud” so that it will always be available. Then if the worst happened, they would be available at the time you reported a loss.

We understand that to fully document your possessions might seem to be an overwhelming task.

Your time is valuable and getting around to documenting your property might not make it to the top of your priority list. That’s where we come in. With a little advance preparation, our inventory documentation team can usually be in and out of your home in a few hours and return their completed, comprehensive portfolio in a few days.


Will offer OUR Equipment Inventory for $50 to new clients. The Equipment Inventory will include; (i) pictures, (ii) a detail description of the equipment with model and serial numbers (if available), (iii) Database input for reference and (iv) storage in the Cloud. Equipment items included are:

1. HVAC systems [Both condenser and evaporator/heater units]
2. Hot water heater(s)
3. Dishwasher(s)
4. Refrigerator/freezers
5. Range/ovens
6. Garage door opener(s)
7. Microwave oven(s)
8. Pool & Spa equipment


[Equipment & Personal Property]
We have arranged for our team to prepare a Basic Personal Property Inventory photo album for our members for 50% off the Basic package price of $200. They will receive up to four photos per room, which will illustrate their furnishings and possessions in full color. They will also take at least four photos of the exterior of their home. The photos will be assembled in an album for the member and a duplicate copy stored in the “Cloud”.


[Equipment & Personal Property +]

We will also offer a Comprehensive Personal Property Inventory. The Standard price for this inventory averages $150. We will offer our members the Comprehensive package for 50% off. The price is based on the area of the home, items inventoried, the amount of documentation and how well the homeowner is prepared.

Our team will prepare a Comprehensive Personal Property Inventory for $250 for a home of 2,000 SF or less. For larger homes simply add $50 for every 500 SF.

The Comprehensive Package includes:

  • Printed, detailed report generated from inventory software, including pictures of each item.
  • Digital still photographs, both wide-angle room shots and close up shots of individual items. [Can replace wide angle with video if requested]
  • Scanning of important documents including; receipts, appraisals, certificates, warranties, and more.

We'll capture important details, including:

  • Serial/model/style number
  • Manufacturer
  • Purchase information
  • Warranty information
  • Additional comments & background Information
  • All inventory data stored on CD, DVD, or flash drive.
  • Completed custom inventory is presented to our client in a bound portfolio. A backup copy is stored on an encrypted server, at no cost for 12 months from the date of your inventory. Should your copy ever be lost or destroyed, we will provide a back up copy.


  • Special Collections
  • Photo Scanning
  • Video Transfers
  • Document Scanning (large volume)
  • Not only is it important to document your personal property for insurance purposes but to keep the inventory up to date. Personal positions, furniture, artwork and especially electronics turnover much more frequently than you may think. It is important for your clients to update their inventory annually to ensure they haven’t neglected to document all the changes. Our team will renew our clients’ inventory every year for the same introductory offer of 50% off the Basic and Comprehensive package price.


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