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pandemic anxiety?

During the last few weeks, we have been exposed to an invisible enemy, bombardment of scary news and stories, loss of jobs and most importantly loss of lives. Many of our local small businesses have closed and Always Home is now faced with the difficult decision of what to do and how.

Saturday afternoon Florida residents received an alert from the Florida Surgeon General requesting that all 65 yr. and older adults remain inside. As of March 29th, Florida went over the 4,000-contagion mark - we went from 1,007 last Sunday to 4,038 today. This morning Sarasota had 42 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus. The Governor anticipates cases to continue to increase - still not knowing the full impact of Spring break and Easter, yet to come.

Our plans are to stay open and continue to service your home until such time as a mandatory closure is ordered. For our safety and yours we are requesting that you adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Your home must be unoccupied for at least 2 weeks prior to start of service.

2. Please notify Always Home when service vendors are in the home i.e. cleaning services etc.

3. Junk mail will be directly disposed of in your recycle container and documents addressed to you will be placed in an envelope in your home for you to open upon your return.

4. Florida has prohibited Seasonal rentals for the last 2 weeks. If you have family or friends staying in your home, please advise Always Home. We will adhere to 2-week time frame to start service again.

Please remember this is about our safety and yours. Obviously, we don’t want to get infected but neither do we wish to carry it from house to house. We recommend that whether or not you are our client, please observe these simply guidelines If you are unable to do so we would all prefer that you be taken off the schedule. We hope everything will be normalized by the time Hurricane season rolls around but until then - please remain positive. Keep safe and be healthy!

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