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Important Home Watch Notice

Recently there was a situation in the State of Nevada that caused home watch companies there to receive cease and desist notices requiring them to shut their companies down. To make this brief, the Nevada Real Estate Division involved the Attorney General’s office and demanded that these home watch companies operate under the direction of a real estate broker, and they become a property manager in order to stay in business. As we all know, a property manager is a fiduciary and home watch companies are not. In no way should anyone ever confuse Home Watch from property management.

While Nevada may not affect Florida’s eventual recognition and licensing, it very well may in the near future. Since Nevada was the first state to challenge the Home Watch industry, precedent has been set. The services allowed are substantially limited under the guidelines establish by the Nevada Real Estate Division. The definition of "Home Watch" has now been officially accepted, thereby setting its own precedent. The official definition of Home Watch is “ a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.” Anything beyond this definition is considered property management.

Fortunately, Always Home’s clients may elect home watch services or property management services, as Always Home is a licenses real estate broker in the State of Florida. Of course, as a licensed fiduciary we cannot charge the same rates for property management as we do for Home Watch. Licensing, insurance, and fiduciary procedures simply cost more. However, having the option to choose - is a significant value to all our clients.

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