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Hurricane Season is Upon Us

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

The official hurricane season begins on June 1st and ends December 1st.

Global Weather Oscillations (GWO]) says the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season will be stronger than last year, and it will be the most dangerous and costliest in 12 years for the United States.

GWO has issued the most accurate preseason predictions of any organization the past 8 years, including last years' prediction that the "Atlantic Basin" (which includes the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico) - would enter a Climate Pulse Hurricane Enhancement Cycle in 2016.

David Dilley, Senior Meteorologist correctly predicted 8 months in advance that GWO's prediction zones for the Florida Panhandle and Florida's East Coast northward to North Carolina - would experience hurricane and/or strong tropical storm conditions in 2016, with multiple strikes likely.

I'm reminded of the Girl Scout and Boy Scout motto, which is relevant as we approach the 2017 storm season "Be Prepared".

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