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Heading Up North?

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

12 Items to check before leaving home...

  1. Water systems - Decide to shut off main water supply

  2. Turn off your hot water heater and your main water supply inside/out

  3. Sewer systems - All toilet lids down and drain stoppers in place

  4. Disposal - Run ice through your garbage disposal and no more food

  5. Refrigerator - Empty the refrigerator of all perishable food, remove ice and shut off refrigerator water supply line. Place all pasta in refrigerator.

  6. HVAC - Have your system serviced and filters replaced before you leave. Thermostat set between 78 - 80 degrees and humidistats at 50%... no higher.

  7. Appliances - Unplug all appliances, including TVs, computers to prevent damage in thunderstorms. Place fresh batteries in smoke alarms and turn on ceiling fans.

  8. Run dishwasher.

  9. Washer/Dryer - Leave washer door and detergent drawer open and dryer door. Have dryer vent cleaned.

  10. Interior - Open closet doors, close drapes and ensure windows and doors are locked.

  11. Exterior - Check irrigation systems, arrange for lawn cutting, keep foliage away from house, check roofs and gutters for debris. Move patio furniture inside.

  12. Security - Cancel mail, newspapers and cable. Review your insurance policy for vacancy stipulations.

Weekly home watch service is surprisingly affordable and an invaluable protection for one of your most valuable assets.

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