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Home Watch
Your watch dog... vigilant & consistent

Welcome to your new best friend

We like to think of ourselves as our clients’ eyes and ears. We walk the grounds, explore the nooks and crannies of your home and identify problems that will lead to issues in the future.


Ben Franklin once said; “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” We’re our clients’ ounce of prevention. 

Many of our members tried to address this need in various ways before they found us: next-door neighbors, friends, the pool service guy, and retired police officers. You name it; we have heard the stories. All have resulted in one calamity or another.

In a bygone era

In days gone by large estates and second homeowners retained a caretaker to look after their property. Their caretaker was a trusted and loyal employee who had the responsibility of securing and maintaining their estate. Often, they had a staff to perform the myriad housekeeping, grounds maintenance, and repairs required to maintain their home.

Today second homeowners have the same needs but no caretaker or staff. However, you still need to manage a myriad of vendors  We've been in Sarasota for 10 years, hold 4 Florida professional licenses, and $1 million of liability insurance. We are your trusted caretaker.

Our solution

We have found that many insurance companies now require weekly home inspections. Weekly Home Watch monitoring is able to detect potential damage from water leaks, pest infestation, HVAC system failures or inadequate maintenance, thereby mitigating expensive repairs. Monthly inspections meet the minimum requirements of Citizens Insurance Company. Should you be negligent – your insurance claim may be denied. Every Home Watch should be documented and archived by a licensed property management company.

  • Repairs

  • Neglect

  • Burglary

  • Acts of God

  • Vandalism

  • Equipment failure

  • Mold and mildew

  • Malicious damage exposure

  • Liability claims

  • Storm damage

  • Pest infestation

  • System failures

Increased protection

Our House Watch services add a level of security to your vacant home. We formed Always Home specifically to provide you peace of mind. Our mission - to simplify home management for you. Adding home watch significantly increases home security. Even if you have stopped your newspapers - tell tail signs of absence, like circulers in the driveway are quickly corrected, reducing the likelihood that your residence becomes a target for crime.


Our clients are second homeowners, busy professionals, frequent travelers, and seniors who are having difficulty with the myriad of home management tasks they encounter on a daily basis.

Don't be denied!


If you're absent from your home for 30 days or more your insurance company may consider it abandoned.


Failure to inspect your home during your extended absences every 14 days may result in insurance claim denial.


Insurance companies are cracking down on second homeowners. Don't be accused of negligence. 

End the struggle

Before Always Home, the homeowner had few alternatives, none of whom were trained and licensed professionals. Now we have the perfect solution for the most valuable asset of all.. your peace of mind. Schedule a free consultation with our team!

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