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Learn About our Storm Shutter Inventory Installation program.

Why Be Prepared?

Unfortunately, we have hurricanes in Florida. Hurricane preparedness is everyone's responsibility. The more prepared - the better off everyone will be when the storm strikes. We encourage our members to read our Hurricane Guide to familiarize themselves with the precautions one should take before, during and after the storm.

One of the more difficult issues for second homeowners to deal with is the putting up and taking down of their storm shutters, particu Ia rly when they are not here. As you can well imagine the days before a storm supplies and personnel are simply unavailable. Therefore it is only prudent to prepare beforehand. Gold Key members are all eligible to part icipate in our Storm Damage Prevention Program [StormWatch).

However, they cannot wait u nti I the last minute to enroll, as there is preparatory work to be done before we can assume the responsibility of preparing their home for a storm.

How does StormWatch work?

A dedicated crew is assigned to each home enrolled in ourStormWatch program. These teams are prepared to put up and take down the member's shutters within the prescribed ti mefra mes of the program they select below A pre-inventory is an essential part of the program to ensure all closures and hardware is available and stored properly for easy access and installation.

While timely installation is critically important the removal and clean up in the aftermath of a storm is also important to minimize further damage and minimize the homeowner liability.

Waiting until the last minute before a storm to make arrangements is the worst possible solution. Parts are unavailable and reliable personnel are nonexistent.

What is StormWatch?

The 4 steps in our Storm Prevention Program:

Step 1: Become a Client:

One may become eligible for StormWatch by becoming a Gold Key member. Once the initial inventory is performed a member only needs to remain in good standing to remain in the program at no additional cost... until a storm necessitates the installation of their shutters.

Step 2: The Pre-Installation Inspection:

Before we can agree to put up your storm shutters we need to take an inventory to assess the condition of the members shutters and hardware. Their shutters and hardware are removed from storage, spread out on an open a rea, inspected and inventoried. Any deficiencies are noted for replacement, diagrams are prepared, hardware packed in a standard size box with installation diagrams and stored along with the shutters for future installation.

The cost for th is service is based on the number of openings [see chart below] The inventory should be performed well before storm season. We require 30 days notice to perform an inventory.

There are instances were the member's current shutters are simply inadequate and will not protect their home in the event of a serious storm. Therefore we cannot, in good conscience, agree to install them. However, we can economically replace them with shutters that will meet their storm damage prevention needs. Even in the case of new construction, homeowners frequently wish to upgrade. In many instances we can obtain a credit for their existing shutters, against the purchase of their new shutter system.

Step 3: Purchase Shutter &. Hardware

Deficiencies. Unfortunately 8 out of 10 inventories uncover deficiencies. These deficiencies must be rectified now, as there will be no time to do so before a storm.

Either the member or we can obtain the missing shutters and/or hardware or we can do it for you. If you wish us to do handle this task we will be pleased to do so. Our time is charged at applicable concierge rates.

Step 4: HOA CC&.Rs reviewed. We have

found that community rules and regulations, as well as member needs, require us to review your HOA rules and regulations so we wi II comply with those regulations. We also need to know what type of service you will need; (i) Shutters are installed and removed on dates mutually agreed upon by the parties, {ii) Shutters installed and removed within five [5] business days of your request or {iii) shutters can only be installed and removed within a specified period before and after an Alert Period.

Depending on HOA regulations a premium charge may be applied.

The Company will take down and store your shutters, and if requested, use its best efforts to cleanup and repair your residence wit hin a 5-day period after the storm. However, there can be no assurance that personnel or equipment resources will be available for clean up and make repairs immediately after the storm. Cleanup and repair efforts will be coordinated and managed by your Home Management Specialist and billed at Standard Concierge Rates.

Emergency Plan clients will have priority over Scheduled and Demand clients after the storm.

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