Home Protection - When you can't be at home...We're always home

The best solution for home defense and maintenance is to live full-time in your home. If you can’t, Always Home is your solution.

Our Gold Key members are often away from home for long periods of time. They need to rely on trusted professionals to take care of their home when they’re not around. While we certainly have some of the best weather in the country, we also have some of the worst. We consistently deal with high temperatures, humidity, pests, mold, mildew and daily thunderstorms in the summer... even an occasional hurricane.

These conditions can be rough on your property. What happens if vandals gain access, the A/C unit quits or a pipe bursts? You can quickly be faced with sky-high costs and insurance claims.


If you’re absent from your home for 14 days or more without a property management company checking your home and documenting its condition your insurance company may deny your insurance claim for negligence. Don’t be caught unprotected.


Over the years that our members have found the need to address four preventative items to protect their property and achieve Peace of Mind.

1 Home Watch

Alarm & security systems are important but adding home watch significantly increases home security. Weekly Home Watch monitoring is able to detect potential damage from water leaks, pest infestation, HVAC system failures or inade¬quate maintenance, thereby mitigating expensive repairs. Even if you have stopped your newspapers - tell tail signs of absence, like circulars in the driveway are quickly correct¬ed, reducing the likelihood that your residence becomes a target for crime.

2 Emergency Response

FBI Uniform Crime Statistics state; “Sarasota and Bradenton have some of the highest crime rates in the United States and Florida”.

We become your key holder - someone trusted to respond to emergencies on your behalf. We hold your keys and security codes. We respond 24/7 - 365 days a year. Should an alarm be activated or a neighbor call expressing concern we are there. We can usually eliminate costly false alarm charges too. We can direct emergency personnel and admit them into your home to investigate or deal with your emergency.

3 Storm Protection

Always Home believes storm prevention starts with adequate preparation.

The first step is performing an inventory of your shutters and hardware to ensure that nothing is missing and everything is properly organized and stored in preparation for a storm. Always Home’s crew will perform your inventory and put up and take down your storm shutters and prepare your home for high winds. The program is tailored to accommodate your association’s rules and regulations.

4 Personal Property Protection

If you lost your personal property by storm, fire or theft do you think you can remember everything in your home?

Unfortunately, you will remember less than 80% of what was in each of your rooms. Worse - how are you going to document the loss of your items with your insurance carrier without evidence? From our most basic to our comprehensive photographic inventory you can achieve the Peace of Mind knowing that you can make a 100% claim if needed.

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