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Once you have decided to rent... the next decision is long-term or seasonal.

There are many factors that go into that decision to rent your home and we can help you make it. We prepare a comparison analysis showing the capital expenditures required of each alternative, expected revenues and operating expenses. A seasonal rental property requires more preparation and to be fully furnished. The rental income for a seasonal rental can be higher than long-term rental but may not be occupied every month of the year. The decision will often depend on the home's location. Long-term rentals generally have more predictable income and less wear and tear on your home. Of course, if you wish to use the home for part of the year, seasonal may be your only option.

We manage both  types of properties...unlike our competetors.

Portfolio Management - Our specialty

Whether you have a portfolio or just starting out, we are qualified to assist in developing your asset management strategy. You will be encouraged to sit down with our founder who has a 40 year career in real estate and refurbished and managed over 3,000 residential units. He holds an engineering degree, an MBA from the Harvard Business School with a major in finance and real estate and is a Florida licensed Broker, Home Inspector, Community Association Manager (CAM) and FHAIHUD Consultant. Your portfolio may require a mix of seasonal and annual rental units - we can assist you in determining what will optimize your yield and result in the hugest internal rate of return on your invested capital.

Annual Rentals

  • Competitive leasing & management fees
  • Average rent up time - 2 weeks
  • Exhaustive tenant selection
  • Full property care
  • Timely collections
  • Vendor discounts
  • Legal lease review
  • Discounted renewal leasing fee
  • Timely evictions
  • Quarterly home watch
  • Preferred Service Vendors

Seasonal Rentals

  • Competitive leasing & management fees
  • Average rent up time - 2 weeks
  • Exhaustive tenant selection
  • Full property care
  • Timely collections
  • Vendor discounts
  • Local & State lodging tax filings
  • Full property care
  • Cleaning services
  • Handyman services
  • Guest - Concierge services
  • Guest - Meet & Greet

We approach our rental business with a commitment to client satisfaction and excellence because ...

We know that being professional means keeping you informed

We provide regular status reports to our clients about rental income and expenses. We stay abreast of the local rental market so we can suggest rental increases when appropriate. We are constantly networking with Realtors, and create avenues for marketing our properties to ensure high-quality exposure.

consultation 2We make sure we comply with local, state and federal law

Both local and state governments require monthly filing for seasonal rentals, whether you rent your home that month or not. Federal income tax information is needed so you may file your returns on time. Lease agreements, collections and evictions all must comply with local, state and federal law. No need for you to worry - we can handle it all.

consultation 4We hire excellent contractors & vendors

An exceptional contracting staff allows us to provide high-quality across-the-board services. We retain the services of professional electricians, plumbers, landscapers, painters and all-around handymen, and develop working relationships with qualified HVAC operators that can be available on short notice. Having these professionals at our disposal ensures that we can address any property management issues quickly and efficiently.

consultation 3We ensure we meet the tenant's needs

When tenants are happy and feel fairly treated, they're more likely to become long-term renters, even if that means an occasional rent increase. We quickly respond to tenant concerns and complaints and live up to the terms of our contract for services. We take care of known problems before tenants have to complain. We believe we have earned respect and have developed a
reputation for fair dealings.

consultation 7We understand our client's needs

Small business owners have the ability to be hands-on in many aspects of customer care. We form a personal relationships with our clients and make them feel well taken care of. We're representing our clients' money and investment, while building trust and mutual respect, the key to long-term success.

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