Absentee Property Management

If you are unfamiliar with caring for a Florida property you may be surprised to learn it is quite different from up north. We are in a subtropical climate, which means appliances have a half life, typically no more than 8 years. Insect & rodent infestation, mold, and water leaks are quite common. The best protection is staying on top of your maintenance and correcting deficiencies immediately. The following is a limited list of vendors you need. The alternative is to call us and we will assume the responsibility.


Tree Trimming


Different trees require different techniques, and you need the experience with a wide variety of trees. Your needs and situation need to be carefully assessed to determine the best way to trim or remove your trees while avoiding damage to the surrounding property.


Power Washing


You need a company with trained professionals with the skill to properly clean and protect your property. This means knowing what cleaning technique or solution is best suited.




Whether it's a broken banister, cabinetry or a needed addition to your home we can manage the project; big or small - fine carpentry to rough in a wall.

Carpet Cleaning


Our vendors use van mounted hot water extraction equipment, which is proven to be the most effective method in removing deeply embedded dirt and other abrasive materials that can drastically shorten the life of your carpets.


Duct Cleaning


Dust and pollen can worsen symptoms of indoor allergies, asthma and respiratory issues. Dirty duct work can intensify the problem since we spend 70% of our time indoors. Improper duct cleaning not only wastes money - it can actually worsen your air quality or allergies, asthma and respiratory issues. Dirty duct work can intensify the problem since we spend 70% of our time indoors. Improper duct cleaning not only wastes money - it can actually worsen your air quality.


Pest Control


In Florida we have a wide variety of pests including spiders, fleas, ticks, termites, silverfish, bed bugs, cockroaches, bees, ants, rats, and wildlife. These pests can become a threat to your property and potentially your family’s health.


Pool Maintenance


On a searing summer day a pool is a welcome respite but before jumping in you have all the maintenance drudgery. This often makes a backyard pool more of a burden than a blessing.


Lawn Maintenance


Known in the trade as Cut & Blow, most homeowners use a lawn cutting, edging and blow service today. Coupled with one or more additional specialists in lawn fertilization and pest control.




Whether general residential cleaning, deep cleaning, before and after party cleaning or Move In/Move Out cleaning we can handle your requests.




Florida is the lightning capital of the world, resulting in 90 to 100 days of major thunderstorms every year causing havoc with the electrical systems in your home.




Roofs take a terrible beating from wind, storm, heat and rain requiring constant diligence, so the seal is not broken and your home damaged.




Your In this subtropical climate plants grow like weeds requiring your constant attention. Palm fronds falling, beds needing weeding and bark being spread to protect the plants.




Painting your home is the best way to improve the value of your property. No doubt, a fresh coat of paint can make your house look appealing. However, the way the paint is applied makes the difference between an astonishing outcome and a mediocre job


HVAC Repair


Air conditioning systems need to be maintained throughout the year with periodic inspections and filter changes. Loss of air conditioning can start mold growth in 24 hours in this sub topical climate. Plugged condensate lines are a big problem too.




Our handyman services range from soffit and fascia to installing a ceiling fan, tile repair, drywall patch, gutter repair, fencing, drywall, flooring, mailbox repair, screen repair, carpentry to a bath remodel.




Leaking pipes are one of the worse problems an absentee homeowner can have often causing thousands of dollars of damage to drywall, carpeting and wood floors.

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