We Are Veteran Owned And Operated

We give preferential hiring to veterans and encourage others to do so. Our veterans have made a sacrifice for our freedom and they desire a special place in our hearts.

If you are in position to hire a veteran visit: SuncoastWorkforce.org/

We Support Veterans

Our troops are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan ... over one million. They have all made a tremendous sacrifice to preserve our freedom. One of the best ways we can support them is to show them how they can support themselves.

Rear Admiral Brian McCarthy

Rear Admiral Brian McCarthy, the founder of Always Home, served in the United States Navy from Vietnam through Desert Storm.

He served aboard the USS BUCK (DD-761), a 2,200-ton destroyer as a surface warfare officer and the Supply & Disbursing Officer as a Lieutenant Junior grade. The BUCK conducted operations off the coast of Vietnam and in the Mekong Delta where Admiral McCarthy served as a Boat Officer on PBRs as part of a River Assault Squadron.

Admiral McCarthy held five commands during his career. As a flag officer he served as a Deputy Director of the Defense Logistics Agency; Commander of DLA’s Contingency Support Teams and the Navy’s Expeditionary Fuel Units. He was a Principal Logistics Planner for Desert Storm for the Chief of Naval Operations and war game participant at the Naval War College.

Admiral McCarthy was personally decorate nine times and retired with 30 years of service. He currently serves as the President of the Military Officers Association of Sarasota, Director of the Sarasota Military Officers Scholarship Foundation and a Trustee of the Stars & Stripes Foundation.