Darryl Snyder

darrylLicensed Mold Remediation

License MRSR 2286

I joined the Always Home inspection team to handle mold evaluations. I moved to Florida in 1986 and started my career as a cleaning specialist.

In 1990 I started One-Stop Cleaning, specializing in carpet and tile cleaning. My clients often experiencing water damage asked me to dry out their homes. Over time technology improved, science was applied and mold became a bigger problem, especially when water damage wasn’t addressed quickly. In 2010 mold remediation became a licensed activity in Florida and I became a licensed Mold Remediation contractor.

I was honorably discharged from the US navy as a second-class petty officer with a specialty in damage control. How prophetic is that? I give back to our community by supporting cancer research at All Children’s Hospital and my fellow veterans. I have a son, daughter in law and two grandchildren.

Darryl Snyder, Specialist

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