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Why should you choose our Home Watch and Home Management Service?

Our clients are second homeowners, busy professionals, frequent travelers and seniors who are having difficulty with the myriad of home management tasks they encounter on a daily basis. Here are a few of the concerns our clients had before becoming Always Home Gold Key members:

Peace of Mind

Being away from my home for months at a time creates anxiety, concern and worry ... what’s happening or could happen in my absence? If it does – how do I handle it? 

Home Watch

We perform scheduled inspections of “vacant” properties while you are away.

These inspections include a basic check of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems, as well as the overall condition of the home and property. We make sure that everything is satisfactory.

We check for leaks, pests and mold, all of which can be present in homes left alone for even the shortest interval.

Insurance Claims

Most insurance carriers are now requiring documented evidence that for absences greater than 14 days a qualified professional examine and document the condition of your home. Negligence is a primary reason for claim denial. You need to know that all reports are filed and retained in case you need to file a claim.

Equipment Breakdowns

The life expectancy of appliances in southern Florida is 40%-60% less than normal due to our subtropical climate. Salt air, humidity, heat, pests, corrosive water, plugged HVAC condensate lines and fans that just stop are typical day-to-day occurrences. Who’s to know – who’s going to fix the problem?


Alarms are activated for good reason and for no reason. If you're living thousands of miles away how do you respond? Who will admit emergency personnel to check your home, since they can’t enter unless you are there? Who repairs the broken glass from the burglary? False alarm charges can mount up quickly – some as high a $400/occurrence.

Storm Damage

If you've been through a hurricane or major flooding you'll know the key to minimizing damage is to be prepared. You simply can’t wait until days before the storm to react – as supplies and personnel are simply unavailable. You need someone to inventory your shutters and hardware to ensure everything is there. 80% of the time it’s not. Who is going to clean up your home and take down your shutters in the aftermath of the storm?


You can stop your mail, but you can’t stop the junk mail or circulars in the driveway. The uncut lawn and overgrown shrubs, the burned out lights – all are beacons to burglars and thieves stalking your neighborhood.

Vendor Supervision

The most common complaints – the vendor I hired to clean my pool never shows up, the housekeeper didn’t clean my home thoroughly; the homeowners’ association is complaining that my grass isn’t cut ... How do I know if the vendors are reliable? What if they aren’t insured and licensed? I didn’t perform a background check on my vendors ... how vulnerable am I? I found out that over half the vendors who say they’re licensed and insured – are not!

How do I know that the person watching my home is trained and experienced in identifying problems before they become major repairs? How do I know that the person watching my home is trained and experienced in identifying problems before they become major repairs? However, the next best thing is a local property management team whose primary mission is to care for your home. It’s one of your largest investments. You use a professional to manage your wealth – a professional to manage your health – need I say more?

Questions you may be asking yourself.

  • What issues can develop during my absences?
  • How liable am I when neighbors and vendors check my home?
  • When can my insurance carrier deny my claims?
  • Do I really want to give my neighbor free access to my home?
  • How do I know if my vendors are showing up and doing their job?
  • How do I know if my vendors are doing the their job?
  • Who’s going to respond to my alarm company's call?
  • Who's going to let emergency personnel into my home?
  • Who will put up my hurricane shutters?
  • Who am I to turn to?

Why should I use a home watch service?

We believe your home is at risk from neglect, burglary, acts of God, vandalism, equipment malfunctions, pest infestation, mold and mildew. . . even our water can shorten appliance life by 50%. Always home House Watch services add a level of security to your vacant home. We formed Always Home specifically to provide you peace of mind. Our mission - to simplify home management for you. No longer will you have to worry when you're away.

badgeAbsentee homeowners, seniors and busy professionals trust us. You can too.

  • We are a Florida licensed real estate company, Home Inspector & Community Association Manager [CAM]
  • FHA/HUD 203(k) consultant
  • Sarasota County Sheriff's Department Civilian Law Enforcement Academy [CLEA]
  • Ask The Seal Certified - background checked, licensed and insured


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